Longstreth's Field Hockey Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors are the first to shout-out Longstreth Field Hockey on social media, show off their latest purchases and recommend us to their followers. These athletes are carefully selected to represent Longstreth and our exclusive brands in a positive and appropriate manner. They are already active in Longstreth's niche and offer honesty. These athletes speak from their own perspective and recommend the brand based on their authentic experiences with real enthusiasm.

Ambassadors are invited to participate in product launches, photo shoots and special events. They're the first to like and comment on our latest posts. They eat, sleep and breathe hockey just like we do, and share the same passion for our exclusive brands.

Longstreth Ambassadors are both experts and peers. You can trust their opinions and recommendations. Our Ambassadors are our ride-or-die fans. They know us. They get us. They are us.