Close up portrait of field hockey player Phia.

Embracing Challenges: The Off-Season For A D1 Athlete & Full Time Student Teacher

Field Hockey Players
Close up portrait of field hockey player Phia.

We recently chatted with Phia about what the off-season looks like for a D1 athlete and a third-grade student teacher. She shared some insight into the balancing act between educating young minds and maintaining a disciplined athletic career.

Field Hockey player, Phia, sitting on the field holding a TK Stick.


From Monday to Friday, Phia dedicates full-time hours to student teaching, where the vibrant energy of third grade makes the day a lot of fun. "I am absolutely loving it," Phia tells us, "I am looking forward to the rest of the year with this group."

As if teaching weren't enough, Phia is also a dedicated member of the Penn State field hockey team (but let's be real, who doesn’t already know that!) Even though field hockey is currently in the off-season, the team still takes advantage of this time for post-season workouts. With team training every day, including lifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as conditioning sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, the commitment to being a top D1 team school is made year-round.

Field hockey player, Phia, wearing a TK sweatshirt with her hands up on a net.

However, the constraints of the student teaching schedule mean Phia cannot always join the team for training. She makes sure to get a pre-dawn conditioning routine from 6-7 am. It's a testament to the commencement of true "adulting" as responsibilities multiply. "…adulting has truly begun!" she jokes.

Acknowledging the potential for feeling overwhelmed, Phia remains steadfast in her belief that she can handle the challenge. "Although I feel slightly overwhelmed with my schedule, I know I will be able to manage my time and just grow as a person in general."

We all know the life of a student athlete is no joke. In between juggling teaching, athletics, and personal growth, Phia chooses to embrace the challenges. This current chapter of her life is only temporary, and she tries to make the best out of every day! 

Field hockey player, Phia, bouncing a ball on a stick.

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