Head shot of Sophia Gladieux

6 Valuable Life Lessons I Would Tell My 6-Year-Old Self By Phia Gladieux

Field Hockey Players
Head shot of Sophia Gladieux

Ah, to be six years old again- a time of wonder and boundless curiosity. With field hockey becoming a fast-growing sport, we constantly see an influx of younger athletes getting into the game earlier and earlier. We decided to ask one of the most influential field hockey players in the game right now for six tips that she would give her six-year-old self who would just be starting out with field hockey. And quite honestly, whether you’re six or sixteen, her advice is great for all athletes!

Sophia and another field hockey player on the pitch.

 1 - Keep Being Curious

Keep being curious, you will continue to learn so much about yourself and the world you live in, and that doesn't ever go away!

2 - Persistence Pays Off

Your hard work will pay off and will get you to where you want to be, don't ever give up; you're only ever winning or learning.

3 - Embrace Adventure

Don't be such a homebody, go out and explore, it is okay to put yourself in new and uncomfortable situations, it will only help you in the long run.

4 - Accept Unpopularity

Not everyone is going to like you, some may even enjoy watching you fail, continue to use that as motivation, because that will never change, whether it is in sports, work, or whatever it is that you are doing. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!

5 - Radiate Kindness

Keep killing everyone with kindness!!! Although people may not like you, don't ever stoop to their level, don't give anyone a reason to not like you, and keep smiling Phia!

6 - Prioritize Fun

Whatever you do, HAVE FUN! Don't ever let yourself get to the point of replacing happiness with something you don't want to do but feel like you have to. Your mind matters more than anything else does, take care of it!

Field hockey player Sophia sitting on a bench holding a stick.

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