SISU Mouthguard Heating Pack

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  • The SISU Heat Pack is a portable heating source to allow athletes to mold their SISU Mouthguards from anywhere! Without the need for water or electricity, the SISU Heat Pack is the perfect one-time use solution for lost or forgotten mouthguards. Always be prepared with the SISU Heat Pack.

  • • Compatible with unmolded, flat, SISU Mouthguards. Only 1 use per heatpack.
    • Mouthguard not included with this product.

SISU NextGEN Mouthguards

SISU Mouthguards are the superior and original flat mouth guards offering ultra-thin protection and perfect comfort, allowing athletes to talk, breathe and drink while wearing the guard. Every SISU stands out from competitors in 5 key areas… strength, comfort, hygiene, remoldability, and freedom.

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