SISU 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard

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  • SISU Mouthguards are known for their unmatched protection, comfort, cleanliness, and remoldability. Though it might not seem possible, SISU has made an even better mouthguard! This pre-formed guard allows for an effortless, fast, fit and go shape.

  • • Pre-formed guard for an effortless, fast fit
    • Variable material thickness to put protection where it is needed
    • 2.0mm thin
    • Ages 7+
    • Works with braces (must be fitted by a dentist)
    • Non-toxic: BPA, BPS, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free

  • Fitting the SISU Mouthguard with braces


    1. Use the right size. All athletes ages 7 and up must use the adult size SISU, the SISU NextGEN Guard, to fit with braces.
    2. Work with your dental professional. Braces are an investment in time and money, so you want to do it right. During critical times when your teeth are undergoing rigorous adjustments, your orthodontist may recommend an alternative solution, so not to hinder the progress of your treatment. Work with your dental professional to help you fit, and re-fit, your SISU when you come in for your adjustments.
    3. Use a barrier between the guard and your brackets. When submerged in hot water, the hard polymer SISU is made of will become soft and pliable. In this state, the mouth guard can bond with the dental brackets or any other polymer in your mouth. To prevent it, you should use a wax or foil barrier between the guard and the brackets. The good thing is that you should only use the barrier during the fitting process. Once fitted, you can wear the guard right over the braces during games or practices.
    4. As your teeth shift refit the guard. As your teeth shift during the orthodontic treatment, the mouthguard should be adjusted to fit your adjusted shape. The guard is remoldable for up to 20 times, so you can continue using it, as your teeth shift and move. Simply bring it with you for each adjustment and it can be re-fitted right in the office with a bit of hot water (and the barrier). No impressions required!

SISU NextGEN Mouthguards

SISU Mouthguards are the superior and original flat mouth guards offering ultra-thin protection and perfect comfort, allowing athletes to talk, breathe and drink while wearing the guard. Every SISU stands out from competitors in 5 key areas… strength, comfort, hygiene, remoldability, and freedom.