My end cap came off.
Good news, your stick is not broken! Sometimes the glue that holds the end cap on can come loose, and sometimes this can happen more frequently depending on how you twist your top hand. This can be easily repaired with a little bit of glue- we suggest the super glue gel, it works really well and doesn't make much of a mess. Not sure you want to try this yourself? You can always stop by our retail store and our field hockey experts are happy to help you with this.

End cap falling off of a field hockey stick.

The tape at the end of my stick has started coming off.
Good news, your stick is not broken. Tape adhesive wears off over time and play, particularly with sweaty hands in heat or in rainy conditions. This is an easy fix, just replace the tape. You can use the same stick tape we use or you can also use regular electrical tape.   

Stick tape peeling away from a field hockey stick.

My grip is coming off.
Good news, your stick is not broken. Grips aren't made to stay on forever, a lot of players will actually change their grip more often depending on what kind of feel they like or color. If the top of your grip starts to unravel, you can fix this easily with a piece of electrical tape around the top at the end cap. Looking to replace your grip? Visit our grip section for more grip options.

Grip coming off of a field hockey stick.

There is a small chip in my stick.
Good news, your stick is not broken. Stick graphics are paint which may chip with normal game play, particularly depending on the level of play. There is also usually a level of clear finish under the paint which may seem like you can see fibers but the clear layer is actually what you are seeing. Sometimes lower levels of play result in more stick to stick contact which can cause paint to chip faster. With high levels of play where you are putting your stick through the ringer with harder hits and play, paint can also sometimes chip off. Sometimes there is also an extra finish on the stick that will come off over time, which is completely normal as well. Don't worry, none of this will affect the playability of the stick.

Field hockey stick showing chips.

My stick is dead.
This one makes us laugh a little when we hear it. Good news, sticks don't die! Similar to softball bats, when you first purchase your stick it will have much more pop in it than it will after you've used it for a season or two. This doesn't mean it is broken, it just means you've done a lot of playing and it is time for a new stick! Some of the higher end sticks have added different construction methods to maintain the "just bought pop" longer, but this is why a lot of the top athletes will have multiple of the same stick that they break in at the same time. Depending on how often you play will determine how long that "pop" lasts for. Overseas where they are playing constantly, it is not uncommon for them to go through a new stick every six months.

My stick vibrates in my hands when I hit.
Your stick is probably not broken. As a stick's carbon content increases, there is a tendency for greater vibration or sting in the handle. This is because increased carbon in a stick translates into greater stiffness in the stick. This contributes to high power in hits, but can also make receiving more challenging. Often a player will notice more vibration when moving up in carbon levels because of this increased stiffness for power. You may also notice it differently between brands and stick models. Some stick brands have added different features within the stick to specifically address and absorb some of that vibration feeling. If you don't want to change sticks but do not like the vibration feeling, you can try something like adding a thicker grip to help absorb some of the shock. If you're still not sure if what you are feeling is normal or not, you can always send or bring your stick in for evaluation and one of our field hockey experts would be happy to test it for you.   

My stick makes funny sounds when I drop it on the ground.
Maybe, maybe not. More than likely your stick is not broken. Historically when composite sticks were first being constructed, this was a sign that your stick was broken. However with the current manufacturing of the interior of the sticks there are typically 2-3 channels down the middle of your stick. This is what is making the sound you hear when it is dropped on the ground. Help your stick out a little and stop dropping him on the ground to listen to him! Modern sticks do not simply crack on the inside. A lot of coaches grew up during a time when sticks were first being constructed in a more hybrid fashion and this sound was an indication that something was very wrong with the stick. However with the new manufacturing processes this does not happen anymore.

My stick sounds like it has pieces inside.
Maybe, maybe not. More often than not, this is excess glue from the manufacturing process when they glue the end cap onto your stick. Over time, the excess glue will break off and get stuck in the interior channels of your stick causing a "rain stick" sound. The good news is that this does not affect the playability of your stick! If the sound bothers you, you can remove the end cap and these extra pieces of glue will come out. Please make sure you know what you are doing when trying to remove the end cap. If you need help, stop in our store and one of our field hockey experts would be happy to do this for you.

There are giant chunks missing from my stick.
Yes, your stick is broken. If your stick has pieces sticking out of it, it is time for a new stick. Contact us and we can help you with your warranty, our sticks all have a 6 month warranty. Or we can help you pick out a new stick if it wasn't one of our brands.

Field hockey stick toe with big chunks out of it.

There is a giant hole in my stick.
Yes, your stick is broken. Contact us and we can help you with your warranty, our sticks all have a 6 month warranty. Or we can help you pick out a new stick if it wasn't one of our brands.  

large hole on the side of a field hockey stick.

My stick is in two pieces.
Yikes! Yes, your stick is broken. Contact us and we can either help you with your stick warranty or help you pick out a new stick if it wasn't one of our brands.

Field Hockey Stick broken in two.


At Longstreth we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you are unsure whether your stick is broken, you can mail it in for one of our experts to evaluate. Contact us to start the evaluation process.