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You may have seen or heard of the Field Hockey Analyst, but have you met the face behind the account? Meet Allison Keefe! Your go-to girl for field hockey statistics. We recently chatted with Allison and how she came about creating "The Field Hockey Analyst". Here’s what she had to say.

Alison Keefe The Field Hockey Analyst

"So I grew up doing cheerleading and after about 8 years and a couple of injuries I switched to field hockey. Around March of 9th grade, I got another injury and was forced to medically retire so I became my teams manager. I then continued to be a manager at Sacred Heart University where I took a stats class in 2021 and fell in love. I spent the entire summer googling field hockey stats and came across Chris Fry’s Twitter (Graphing the Game) where he was posting stats at the time. I met with him and realized I wanted to be a field hockey analyst. If you don’t know, Graphing the Game was founded to help players and coaches improve performance through the use of data and video analysis."

"Fast forward to my senior year at SHU (2023), my best friend was playing at Keystone College, and I realized how little recognition the D3 programs were getting. I started to post D2 and D3 stats to Twitter so that my friend and her teammate could get some recognition. That turned into doing stats for the Men’s World Cup since I was watching it anyway. Then one day I was bored in class and decided to make The Field Hockey Analyst Instagram, completely on a whim. The account has really taken a life of its own and I am amazed everyday with the growth, considering where it started."

SHU Field Hockey Team

Allison’s Instagram account has almost 8,000 followers and she’s continuing to help grow the game by interviewing some of the Olympics hopefuls on her YouTube series called Fly As One. So far Allison and her co-host Jill Gates have interviewed Maddie Zimmer, Jenny Rizzo and Jillian Wolgemuth! Check out her YouTube channel.

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