three field hockeyGroup photo of Longstreth employees and USA Field Hockey players. players looking up at the eclipse

24 Hours in Charlotte

Field Hockey Players
three field hockeyGroup photo of Longstreth employees and USA Field Hockey players. players looking up at the eclipse

At the beginning of April, the Longstreth Marketing Team spent 24 hours in Charlotte, North Carolina for a photoshoot with our Sponsored Athletes on the U.S. Women's National Team. Although it was a quick day trip, it took way more than a day to plan! Ironically on the one day we decided to have the photoshoot, we also got to experience the Solar Eclipse and captured some pretty awesome photos of the players with their eclipse glasses.

Six field hockey players standing on the field looking up at the sky.

The team currently trains at The University of North Carolina Charlotte in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games. In between their busy schedules, we were able to coordinate a 4-hour photoshoot plus a team dinner with the athletes! We are so thankful for their time spent with us and enjoyed getting to know each of them on a more personal level. Here is what the Longstreth Team had to say about the trip:

Sarah Yates – Senior Manager

"I've been looking forward to this type of trip for a long time. As a marketing team, we have talked about having new photos and videos of our players and now it's happening! It will be exciting to have large photos and banners of the athletes in our retail space. My favorite part of the trip was hosting the players for dinner and watching their reactions to the photos and seeing how much they support each other. They were truly excited about all of the content we captured. It was also nice to just learn more about their personal lives – where they live, what they do outside of hockey and hear about their experiences in Charlotte."

Rachel Urquhart – Content Marketing Specialist

"As someone who creates a lot of the social content and email campaigns for Longstreth, I was looking forward to this trip to get to know the athletes better to help promote them better! The team dinner was particularly my favorite part of the trip because we all sat around enjoying a nice dinner, looking through the amazing photos from the shoot. The team is so incredibly supportive of each other, and you can just tell they have a great chemistry. I can't say enough nice things about the players, and I am even more excited to support them when they compete in Paris! The trip was a truly enjoyable experience, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it."

Caitlin Ashley – Longstreth Athlete Program Coordinator

"I loved getting to spend time with our athletes and getting to know them better. Obviously, we're all rooting for Team USA heading into this summer, but getting to know them on a more personal level made it that much more exciting, and gave me even more reason to root for them individually, too! Having them all over for dinner was really a bonus on top of a great day of work on the field with the photographer and videographer. I feel so appreciative that they gave us so many hours of their already busy day and truly made it enjoyable! We're lucky to work with such great athletes and people and I think we all had a lot of fun showering them with new gifts and gear to show our appreciation and support, too!"

Nicole Ratke – Marketing Manager

"What a fun trip! Getting to know the athletes and seeing a small sliver of what their life is like in Charlotte was a real treat. I really appreciate the time they spent with us, all done with a smile, AFTER an already busy day filled with training! I look forward to cheering them on this summer as they continue on the path to Paris!"

Be sure to follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes photos and videos along with the results of our photoshoot and video compilation! Special thank you to Griffin Zetterberg and Jack Gillen.

Group photo of Longstreth employees and USA Field Hockey players.
USA field hockey team sitting in a circle opening bags of apparel.
three field hockey players looking up at the eclipse

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