The Blockstar Shooting Target

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  • Blockstar is a portable, lightweight field hockey target that quickly attaches to any goal or fence. The corners of the Blockstar are left open to encourage repetition of high scoring percentage shots. With Blockstar you can work to improve your shot even when there is no goalkeeper around to help you train.

  • • Lightweight, portable target
    • Easily attaches to any fence or goal
    • Great for practicing shooting accuracy or as a fill in goalkeeper for drills
    • Designed to fit an official outdoor goal (12'x 7')

  • Setting up the Blockstar

    1. Hold both sides of the bungee.
    2. Bring the toggle side around the post and loop it between the bungee on the other side of the post.
    3. Make sure the toggle is flush against the grommet on the back side of the target. This will keep the bungee from slipping off.
    4. Repeat on all sides to complete set up.


    The Blockstar targets are designed to teach players to shoot away from the keeper. The large logo is now your keeper and is intentionally bright so that you can spot it just as you would spot the keeper. THE BLOCKSTAR is designed to be good goalkeeper who will challenge you or your team to score. The corners are left open to encourage players to shoot high percentage scoring shots! For younger players you can adjust your expectations. For example, you can count a shot as a goal if it hits anywhere on the target besides the big circular logo. Be creative.


    THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target comes with lightweight bungees and toggles already attached to the target around the border of the target. To properly attach each bungee to the frame of the goal, hold each end of the bungee with two hands and bring one end of the bungee around the goal post and put the toggle through the bungee and pull it around so that the toggle is flush with the grommet on the back of the target. This will keep your target secure and will keep the toggle from being hit and breaking.

How to attach your

BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target to the goal!

How to attach your Blockstar Shooting Target to the goal: Key is to bring the toggle to the back of the target and make sure it is plush to the grommet so your target is secured to the goal!