NoSweat Sport 6-Pack

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  • NoSweat is a disposable performance liner that comfortably sticks on the inside of any type of headwear and soaks up sweat.

    NoSweat has created a patented disposable performance liner that simply peels and sticks into any hat or helmet. Their liner absorbs sweat, prevents sweat from damaging hats with salt lines/sweat stains, and stops sweat from running into your eyes.

    From a functionality perspective, NoSweat absorbs the sweat, traps it inside the liner, and is completely dry to the touch seconds after use. When the liner is completely absorbed the user simply peels out, throws away, and inserts a fresh liner.

    • Keeps sweat out of your eyes
    • Reduces fogging
    • Helps prevent sweat stains Thin, soft and lightweight Helps with acne & skin irritation


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