Magnets In Motion - Field Hockey Goalie Magnet

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  • Field Hockey Goalie Car Magnet will look great on any vehicle, refrigerator or locker. Your goalie is the last line of defense! Now they can show off their love of field hockey even when they're not guarding the net. This car magnet will be a hit with field hockey goalies, coaches, and fans.

  • • Sticks to any magnetic surface! Use as an outdoor car magnet or an indoor refrigerator magnet.
    • This product is available in lots of colors and is made in the USA.
    • Size: 5.25"h x 5.25"w

    Use and car instructions:

    • Remove tape from the back of magnet.
    • Magnet and application surface must be clean, dry, waxed, and cured (hardened).
    • Remove magnet before washing vehicle.
    • Do not place magnet on fresh paint, or on a surface subject to high temperatures from internal heat source.
    • Do not bend. To Remove, lift entire magnet. Do not pull by head, arms,sticks, etc.
    • Clean and relocate magnet every 4 days.

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