Cranbarry Fit Youth Field Hockey Shinguards

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  • Cranbarry Fit Youth Field Hockey Shinguards are just the ticket for the junior athlete looking for the perfect fit. Hard-as-a-rock plastic with comfy mesh overlay and velcro straps make sure you'll be protected every time you hit the field. (Say goodbye to shinguard slip-ups and hello to winning shots!)

    * All measurements are approximate and given as a guide only to help determine the correct size. They do not provide an assurance of correct sizing. You must ensure that the shinguards fit correctly before use.

  • • Fitted, hard plastic shinguards with comfortable mesh overlay.
    • Velcro straps to ensure a perfect fit. Sized for the youth athlete.

How To

Measure Your Leg For Shinguards

In this video, you will learn how to properly size a field hockey shinguard to your leg. Once you figure out your size, head on over to our website and select the pair of shinguards you would like to buy. Check the selected shinguard page for the size chart, this is where your measurements will come in handy!

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