Blockstar Indoor Goal on the Go

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  • • Designed for Indoor Field Hockey
    • Indoor goal dimensions (9.84 ft. x 6.56 ft.)
    • Lightweight and portable (about 23 lbs.)
    • Sets up in minutes
    • Includes carrying bag - can be worn like a backpack
    • Take anywhere you wish to play
    • Includes attachable backboard (optional)

  • Here are some tips on unpacking and setting up your Goal on the Go to keep it in great shape!

    1. When unboxing your goal for the first time, please carefully unpack the goal, making sure you unroll the netting so the netting stays to the middle and does not get caught on the edges. This will keep it from getting tangled!
    2. When putting the goal away, make sure to roll the netting so that the netting does not get caught on the edges.
    3. When collapsing the goal, make sure to always find and push the button in. Please do not force it down without pushing the button in.
    4. If you have any trouble with the sides locking into place, the button may have shifted. Try troubleshooting it by following the instructions in the above video.
    5. To keep the fabric in good shape, pull it up so that it does not get caught in the hinge.

    For more set up instructions, please check out the tips and videos on the Blockstar Field Hockey website.