All In: The Winningest Field Hockey Coach in America

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  • Book by: Heidi Bright Butler

    You've heard of John Wooden, Pat Summitt, Geno Auriemma, Mike Krzyzewski, Vince Lombardi, and Casey Stengel. How about Sue Butz-Stavin?

    As a recent college graduate initially unable to get a teaching job, Sue reluctantly agreed to coach field hockey at a public high school in Pennsylvania. She didn't feel qualified. She had played the sport as a teenager, but basketball had been her passion. She had very little coaching experience, and wasn't much older than the girls she would be coaching.

    How did she become the winningest field hockey coach in the country? And how did she do it without the benefit of the athletic scholarships, fancy locker rooms, and lavish equipment budgets found in the top college programs?

    Follow Sue and the Emmaus Hornets through one of their most challenging seasons to learn ways to succeed in sports and in life.