Logos for Max Field Hockey and Longstreth overlaid on turf

Longstreth Welcomes Max Field Hockey to the Longstreth Team!

Logos for Max Field Hockey and Longstreth overlaid on turf
Longstreth Sporting Goods, as part of its strategy to become an industry leader and information source for the sport of field hockey, today announces the acquisition of Max Field Hockey, the premier independent content source for the sport since 2014. Stephanie Maychack is the founder and site administrator for Max Field Hockey and will continue in her current content role under Longstreth.

“We are thrilled to partner with Stephanie as she continues to expand her reach in the market,” said John Schaefer, CEO of Longstreth Sporting Goods. “A short-term goal of the Longstreth team is to provide rich content including athlete news, game updates, and more to our loyal field hockey customers who already come to Longstreth for their equipment needs. The market has been asking for a one-stop site for a while and we are pleased to take this next step in making it a reality. We have huge respect for Stephanie’s commitment to the high school athlete, our core customer. We are excited to help grow the content she is building!”

MAX Field Hockey was created in 2014 as a central hub for field hockey information in the U.S., including field hockey college commitments. Over time, MAX Field Hockey evolved into a leader in field hockey content, beginning with the development of High School Team Rankings, Player and Coach Awards, and moving into Top 150 Player Rankings.

Stephanie Maychack will continue in her same role as MAX Field Hockey content creator. There will be no changes to the team ranking or player selection methodology. MAX Field Hockey events, including the MAX Field Hockey High School National Invitational, Top 150 National Player Invitational, and National Player Combine will remain independent but supported by Longstreth.

“I am delighted for MAX Field Hockey to join the Longstreth team and personally can’t think of a better fit for the company or for me,” said Maychack. “The synergy between our organizations and the positive impact joining forces will make on the field hockey community is exciting. I would like to thank Longstreth for seeing the value in what I have worked so hard to build over the last decade and I look forward to this next chapter for MAX Field Hockey and for Longstreth.”

Longstreth and Max Field Hockey website visitors can expect the same level of excellent service and current information as the integration takes place over the next several months.

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