OBO Robo Hi-Control Goalkeeper Hand Protection - Right Hand

Item Number: OBOHC469 BLACK
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  • • Medium density face foam for controlled rebound which makes this hand protector excellent for ground performance.
    • Right hand protector has a soft pad on the underside of the wrist for better comfort and to help with ball control.
    • Has straps for control of your glove.
    • Lower rebound offers more control that is excellent for ground performance.
    • Unique style allows quick movements with completely unhindered movement of your wrist.
    • OBO's ROBO line is designed for players at a national or senior level (and those who want to get there).
    • Most Olympians rely on this line for performance, style, protection and complete confidence.
    • Your stick can follow your arm at any time which is very useful for tackles on the ground or PC defense where you stretch your arm to reach the ball
    • Left hand sold separately

OBO Robo High Control Hand Protectors

Facts and Features of the Robo Hi Control Hand Protectors

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