Gryphon Tour Samurai Composite Field Hockey Stick

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  • Designed for the outer limits
    Ultimate Power - Highly Responsive Feel

    What our experts say… "Extreme power with a forgiving touch that enhances 3D skills."

    The constant evolution of the GXXII TOUR Series has seen the creation of an unbeatable stick featuring the Kraibon Technology to offer the ultimate power and feel for a remarkable balanced stick.

    SEAMLESSLY UNIQUE - The GXXII TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of stiffness for a hockey stick. Designed to bring the highest level of power and a highly responsive touch on the ball for advanced players looking for a really crisp feel in their hands. The Light feel lay-up creates a durable lightweight stick with a high balance point to be in perfect control you're your hands and sticks movements while executing dribbles and hits.

    U.S. Women's National Team Athlete #8 Brooke DeBerdine chooses the Gryphon Tour Samurai for her game - "I choose to be part of the Gryphon Pack not only for the world class quality of sticks and equipment, but also for their enthusiastic support of me as an athlete and their love of the game of hockey. Being a part of the Gryphon Pack means I feel equipped and supported to work to become the best hockey player I can be."

  • • Level: Elite
    • Carbon Quotient: 100
    • Shape: Extreme Low Bow with Groove

  • Elite Sticks - At the elite level, innovation and technology combine to create the most advanced hockey sticks in the world. They are on the cutting edge of development, so they evolve each year with the game. These sticks are designed to maximize power without sacrificing touch.

    Extreme Low Bow - The extreme low bow shape maximizes dynamic ball control, aerial pass skills, and drag flick consistency

    Samurai Shape - ULTIMATE DRAGFLICK - This extreme late bow is identical to the Deuce II shape, but the Samurai shape features a control groove shaft to assist in the action of dragging the ball.

    Lay-Up - The fiber composition and lay-up are major components in defining how a stick performs. GRYPHON's lay-up is the performance 'X' factor. Gryphon does this differently. For them, it's an art. It's a sixth sense based on years of experience and the knowledge of how to best achieve the desired result of power and get a great crisp feel to allow that instant response from the players hands for exceptional ball control.

    Kraibon - KRAIBON is a thin film made on non-cross-linked rubber that hardens within the component laminate in the same production process. Directly integrated in the stick's lay-up, KRAIBON forms a chemical and physical bond without any additional bonding agent.

    Resin Matrix - The Resin Matrix is the process of molding the stick where the resin combines both the chemical and physical structures of different fibers together. When fibers and resin are combined, they form a composite material with new characteristics that are better than the individual components.

    6K Carbon Fiber - 6K Carbon Fiber is only available in the GXXII TOUR Series is used as a reinforcement to maximize the strength properties of the hockey stick. This fabric has an incredible strength to weight ratio and provides superior rigidity for great aesthetics.

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