Voodoo Mojo Composite Field Hockey Stick

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    The VOODOO Mojo 50 features a superior feel that drives rapid skill development while maintaining a great level of performance to keep your head in the game. The Mojo 50 field hockey stick is perfect for those advanced level players looking to improve their game as it provides a softer feel on the ball giving you optimal control to assist in executing your basic skills.

    The Mojo 50 offers a playful, effortless, and forgiving hockey stick to suit advanced players. The KSF technology helps the stick to absorb vibrations while increasing the touch and control. A perfect blend of response and forgiveness for effortless progression.

  • • Level: Advanced
    • Carbon Quotient: 50
    • Shape: Low Bow
    • Targeted Weight: 530 grams

    VOODOO Hockey was born out of a desire to build products for field hockey players who wanted the ultimate sticks, but with a difference…

  • VOODOO's desire is to create products that have such energy and such a force about them that people will only have one choice when it comes to hockey equipment.

    The entire VOODOO range of sticks is designed, constructed, and produced with authenticity and imagination. At VOODOO, there are high expectations, and they demand superior performance from all their products.

    Feather Weight - Using premium high strength and lightweight materials in a dual core chamber system to give a high power to weight ratio performance with light feel guaranteed.

    Responsive Resin Technology - The Resin maximizes the strength in the stick laminate for a super responsive feel.

    KSF Tech - The Kevlar Soft Feel Technology stick lay-up is completed with a perfectly fitted film of ultra-smooth Kevlar - used to absorb vibration and increase feel and control.

    Advanced Sticks - This group of stick is cutting edge for the progressive athlete. They are powerful, but more flexible and forgiving than the elite sticks. These typically have a little less carbon than the elite sticks which allows a softer touch and increased control for the advanced player honing their skills.

    Low Bow - The low bow is typically about 25mm, and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials, and dynamic ball movement.

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